TMH’s Millete Birhanemaskel traveled to Sudan to speak with survivors who recount horrific details of the Mai Kadra Massacre | Translation of this interview available here | Video: TMH March 2021
This survivor and eyewitness claims he and more than 5000 other Tigrayan civilians were detained at Enda Abadi concentration camp without food or water before he managed to escape. | 7 April 2021
Dawit Lijalem is currently a POW in a Tigray detention center. He says Fano Vigilante groups drawn from Dansha and Gondar went to Maikadra and massacred more than 600 ethnic Tigrayans. They returned to Dansha after three days and told ethnic-Amhara residents of Dansha that “MaiKadra is now free of Tigrayans” and that they can take over they houses and property. He rejects media reports that ethnic-Amharas were targeted in the massacre.
Survivors of the MaiKadra Masscre say Amhara forces massacred Tigrayan civilians from all walks of life including businesspeople and people as old as 90 years old. They say Amhara forces accused Tigrayan civilians of being a ‘Junta’ (referring to the TPLF) and brutally killed them using machetes, knives, and guns.
Tigray TV journalist Afewerki interviewed survivors of the massacre currently living in IDP centers
Who is responsible for the MaiKadra Massacre? | Interview with GSTS’ Fana Belay, Geologist | Axumite Media 3rd July 2021
On 8 Nov 2020, ENDF announced it seized the Maydali to Humera route. This means Mai-Kadra under ENDF’s control when the massacre took place.
Source: EBC 8 Nov 2020

According to the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC), the massacre took place on 9th Nov 2020. This means Maikadra and its environs was under full control of the ENDF and/or allied forces when the massacred was carried out.